DuPont™ Tyvek® Air Cargo Covers


  • Complies with WHO, IATA requirements and complies with sector guidelines (GDP);
  • Protection for physical hazards, including rain, snow and insects;
  • It allows the exchange of gas (O2) and ventilates harmful gases (CO2, C2H4);
  • Reduces energy consumption / cost;
  • Prevents condensation;
  • Light and Easy to install
  • Recyclable and ecological.


Characteristics of the barrier material

Basis of composition:

Low density polyethylene

[Barrier material (bubble or raffia) – aluminum]

Bubbles Characteristics:

Ø 31.5mm; Height 31.7mm; Quantity 1003m2.


Air-Embacover is a system that protects the cargo during transport in air containers of abrupt temperature changes and the effects of humidity.


  • Temperature controlled
  • Economic (cost reduction)
  • Easy to install


Isothermal insulation for palletized products, protects the contents of exterior temperature changes.


Palletised products such as food, chemicals, additives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, win, oil …


  • Logistics and traceability (pharmaceuticals, food, beverages)
  • Temperature controlled
  • Single use
  • Easy installation
  • Economic
  • Reduction of costs

Advanced System Cover

Solutions developed for operations of transport or storage of products highly susceptible to changes in their physical and organoleptic characteristics.

Solution adapted to:

  • Ports
  • Airports
  • Warehouses
  • Plataforms

Combi Isothermal Covers

High insulation cover for the transport of temperature sensitive goods (food, medicines, blood, chemicals).

Thermal Separating Walls

The thermal separating walls increase the flexibility of the vehicles, namely of the compartments.

Allow mixed loads (frozen | refrigerated).

Three-ply (triple-thickness) technology offers high performance thermal protection and unique design.


  • Lightweight and long lasting material
  • Simple to install and handle
  • Standard and Custom Dimensions
  • Integrated doors, windows and zip closures


Thermal insulation for trucks with Tauliner trailer that protects the products from temperature changes.


  • Rear opening (Velcro)
  • Possibility of customization
  • Quick assembly (only 1 person)
  • 3 lateral openings from pulley system
  • With or without reinforced floor


The Embatuff system protects the cargo during transportation in 20 ‘, 40’ and 40 ‘HC containers of abrupt temperature variations and humidity effects.

Can be installed by only 1 person in less than 5 min. Thanks to telescopic tubes placed on the base, top of the container and fixing magnets.

Protects thermo-sensitive products

  •   Wine
  • Juice
  • Various types of foods
  • Pharmaceutical products
  •   Cosmetics
  •   Chemicals
  • Resins
  •   Among others


  • Reflects up to 97% of heat
  • Waterproof to moisture and condensation
  • Reduces energy consumption / cost
  • Effective insulation
  • Easy to install
  • Very competitive price
  • Maximum load capacity of containers
  • Fiber free
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly